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Detour between Hirono and Kuji (Koge River wading point)

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There have been several detours set out for Koge River wading point at the border between Hirono and Kuji in Iwate Prefecture, for when the water is too high to cross.
The previously released detours cannot be used due to road collapse, so if you need to take a detour due to high water or to avoid needing to wade through the river, please use the attached route as a reference.
The route shown on the reference map goes on route 45 over Kuwabatake-ohashi Bridge. This area has no sidewalks and heavy traffic, so be careful if you walk through here.

  1. Relevant Maps
    Ministry of the Environment trail map: Hirono, Kuji
    Hiking Map Book: MAP 1-8
  2. Location
    Please see attached map
    ※There’s also detour signage on-site, so please check and follow the signage as you walk.

(Japanese post https://m-tc.org/news/attention/6219/)