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The Michinoku Coastal Trail goes through four prefectures and 29 municipalities, from Hachinohe City in Aomori Prefecture to Soma City in Fukushima Prefecture.
This page is focused on English resources for each area along the Michinoku Coastal Trail where they are available.

For a full list of Japanese resources, please see the Japanese page at https://m-tc.org/explore/town/

Are we missing links to an English website or pamphlet that would be useful for one or more of these areas? Please let us know via the contact form.


Aomori Prefecture

Hachinohe City
Hashikami Town
“Mt. Hashikamidake Hiking Map” English PDF
“Sea Road: Walk/Eat/Experience” English PDF
“Hashikami Walking Map” English PDF

Iwate Prefecture

Hirono Town
Kuji City
Tanohata Village
Miyako City
Otsuchi Town
Kamaishi City
Rikuzentakata City

Miyagi Prefecture

Kesennuma City
Minamisanriku Town
Ishinomaki City
Higashi-Matsushima City
Shiogama City
Tagajo City
Sendai City
Natori City
Kakuda City

Fukushima Prefecture