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We are so grateful to our hikers for envisioning the Michinoku Coastal Trail charter and best practices for long distance hiking along with us, as well as putting these principles into practice.
The list provided below is of local people and businesses who want to support hikers on the Michinoku Coastal Trail(MCT), so you can have a fun and safe journey. They are really looking forward to meeting and getting to know you, so please don’t hesitate to visit.
This is a list of people who want to welcome hikers. If your paths don’t happen to cross, don’t be disappointed: you can look forward to chancing upon others soon.
Some of the places on this list will give you a discount or other special service if you show them your Data Book, Hiking Map Book, or a Michinoku Trail Club supporting member card (marked with a star ★ on the list). Please feel free to check the details and use these services.


【★】For those who can show a Data Book, Hiking Map Book, or Michinoku Trail Club supporting member card
Please check details for fields marked with an asterisk(※). From left to right, the fields are: Hiking Map Book number, name of place/facility, support offered, details, location, phone number.

【Location】Click on the map link (the mark next to the phone number) to see the location on a Google Map showing the trail route.
※ If you’re using a smartphone, please hold down and open the link in the browser. (The map doesn’t display properly in the Google Maps app.)

MB page Name Kind of support Details Map Phone number
Yoshu Kissa Prince Trail-related menu items0178-44-1827
OUTDOOR BOX RIVER RUNSWater, toilet, electric outlet, sells Hiking Map Books0178-20-0234
MB1-1Hachinohe City Marine Science Museum "Marient"Luggage/backpack storage (please ask at counter). Free resting area.0178-33-7800
MB1-1Minshuku IshibashiWater, toilet, rides for staying guests in area under details (※)Rides between Minshuku Ishibashi and Same Station, can also go get luggage to store at Same Station0178-38-2221
MB1-1Yanagisawa StoreWater, toilet, sells gas canisters, camping goods0178-38-2024
MB1-2Michinoku Coastal Trail Houshi-hama Rest AreaTent campingAdvance contact required: Contact with his Instagram account(@rojin28go). He may not be able to reply immediately.
MB page Name Kind of support Details Map Phone number
MB1-2~1-4Hashikami Omotenashi AngelHashikami City Supporters' Information0178-88-2875
MB page Name Kind of support Details Map Phone number
MB1-5〜1-8Hirono Trail Angel (Hashikami Tourism Association)Hirono Town Supporters' Information0194-65-5916
MB1-5Marinside Spa TaneichiDiscount on stay (★), water, toilethttps://www.marin-taneichi.com/0194-65-5735
MB1-6Guest House HamanasuteiWater, toilet, electric outlet, rest area, food and beverage are available for purchase.Advance reservation required. Same-day phone reservations available for room-only stays.090-6953-2989
MB page Name Kind of support Details Map Phone number
We are looking for registered facilities.
MB page Name Kind of support Details Map Phone number
MB2-2〜2-4Trail Oasis NodaProvide with Noda Village Supporters' Information0194-78-2012
MB page Name Kind of support Details Map Phone number
MB2-5Marusa Saga Seafood StoreWater, toilet0194-35-3321
MB2-5Marusa Saga Seafood StoreWater, toilet0194-35-3321
MB2-5Marukoshi StoreWater, toilet0194-35-2233
MB2-5Maruni SupermarketWater, toilet0194-35-2201
MB2-5Mifune Seika SweetsWater, toilet0194-35-2020
MB2-5Kamikanda Meat ShopWater0194-35-2210
MB2-5Shimokawara Sweets ShopWater, toilet0194-35-2037
MB2-5Fudai Antenna Shop AideElectric outlet0194-35-2411
MB2-5Beachside Farmer's Market KiraumiElectric outlet0194-35-2114
MB2-5Restaurant UosadaWater, toilet0194-35-3011
MB2-5Michinoku Coastal Trail Nedari Beach Rest AreaTent camping (★),water, toilet
MB2-5KurosakisoRides for staying guests in area listed under details (※),water,toiletRides between Kurosakiso and Fudai Station, Kurosakiso and Kitayamazaki0194-35-2611
MB2-5Minshuku MichiaiRides for staying guests in area listed under details (※)Rides between Michiai and Fudai Station, between Michiai and Tanohata Station when possible (please check)0194-35-2555
MB page Name Kind of support Details Map Phone number
MB2-8Gotenzaki Natural Rest ParkToilet, tent camping (※)https://bit.ly/3cPOumi
MB2-9Japanese Seafood Restaurant KanazawaFreebie with order090-9109-1256
MB page Name Kind of support Details Map Phone number
MB2-9~3-9Trail Town MIYAKOMiyako City Supporters' Information https://bit.ly/3FDYtuc0193-62-2111
MB3-3Minshuku JirobeeyaWater, toilet(contact in advance)Please contact in advance (sometimes not on-site)0193-62-7150
MB3-3Hideshima Paddling ClubTent camping (※), Water, electric outlet, shelter during rough weather, Pick up trash generated by the activity and trash picked upPlease make a reservation at least a day in advance by phone or email, taronokato@yahoo.co.jp090-7062-7044
MB3-4EFRICAWater, toilet, Electric outlet050-3635-2070
MB3-4Ijinkan CafeTent camping (※),water,toilet,Electric outletReservations in advance by phone. Cafe is closed on Tuesdays, consult if you can camp on a Tuesday.0193-63-0065
MB3-7Miyako City Omoe Fisheries Experience Exchange CenterWater, toilet, Electric outlet (during business hours), ice cream 100 yen off. Ice cream 100 yen off. Please present your hiking passport at the time of purchase.0193-68-2301
MB page Name Kind of support Details Map Phone number
MB4-2Kinoko HouseTent camping (★), toilet Please contact Jodogahama Visitor Centor for the use of the service. 0193-65-1690
MB4-4Rikuchu Kaigan Youth CenterWater, toilet0193-84-3311
MB page Name Kind of support Details Map Phone number
MB4-4Minshuku SatoToilet. Staying guests leaving early in the morning can switch to onigiri instead of regular breakfast (please mention at check-in)0193-44-2749
MB4-4Sanriku Hana Hotel HamagikuWater, Toilet, Rest Place, Information0193-44-2111
MB4-4Kirikiri-kokuwater,toilet,Electric outlet(see details below※)https://bit.ly/3nROCHG0193-43-1018
MB4-5Otsuchi Magohachiro ShotenWater, toilet (see details at right※)Otsuchi Station Toilet Use
MB4-5Mast no Yu Public BathToilet, electric outlets, wifi, stamp users receive 100 yen off of 770 yen bathing fee.0193-27-5881
MB4-5Sanriku Oshacchi Tenmangu shrineToilet, electric outlet, Provision of tea0193-27-9321
MB4-5Chari CafeWater, toilet, electric outlet, wifi0193-27-5888
MB4-5Otsuchi Cultural Exchange Center (Oshacchi)Electric outlet0193-27-5181
MB4-5Ogawa RyokanWater,toilet,electric outlet,Wi-Fi,showers (※see details below)You can rest without staying. 500 yen for a stay of 1 hour or less, 1,000 yen for a stay of 2 hours or less0193-42-2628
MB4-5Matsuhashi JidoshaToilet,electric outlet,Wi-Fi,parking (free of charge), vehicle transfer service (charged)Please contact us for vehicle moving service (for a fee).0193-44-2133
MB page Name Kind of support Details Map Phone number
MB4-6Houraikan InnWater, toilet, electric outlet0193-28-2526
MB4-6Nebama Auto CampsiteWater, toilet, electric outletRespond to survey and get one free bottle of Sennin Hisui mineral water. Ask at information desk.0193-27-5455
MB4-6Minshuku MaekawaWater, toilet, electric outlet(Use of washing machine and one free drink included in stay)Please contact in advance (sometimes not on-site)0193-28-3869 / 080-6047-0224
MB4-8,MB5-1Tada RyokanWater, Toilet, Rest Place
Available from 10:00-15:30(Confirmation required a day in advance).0193-22-3576
MB5-1Hotel MarueWater, toilet, electric outlet0193-24-3911
MB5-1Hotel Folkloro Sanriku KamaishiDay bathing customers can also use coin laundry machines0193-38-5536
MB5-1MESAWater, toilet, electric outlet, sells gas canisters, outdoor gear090-4555-7971
MB5-1Kamaishi City Iron History MuseumWater, toilet, electric outlet,100 yen discount on admission fee(★)When using the toilet, water supply, or charging, please ask at reception.0193-22-8846
MB page Name Kind of support Details Map Phone number
MAP5-2〜5-7Goishi Coast Information CenterOfunato City Supporters' Information0192-29-2359
MB5-4ShiomeTent camping (※)Contact owner via the phone number posted on-site.
MB5-4Sanriku ActiveWater, toilet, electric outlet, Wi-Fi0192-47-3756
MB5-7Ofunato Hot SpringsFootbath0192-26-1717
MB page Name Kind of support Details Map Phone number
MB5-9Minshuku NumatayaStaying guests can use shoe dryer.0192-55-2542
MB5-9Capital Hotel 1000Water, toilet, electric outlets, wifi, 1 free sports drink to staying guests0192-55-3111
MB6-1Minshuku MusashiStaying customers can order lunch for the next day (Extra charge for lunch. Please reserve lunch during check-in)0192-55-4421
MB6-1Hotel SanyoSame-day reservations OK (breakfast only plan/no meal plan only)0192-55-3050
MB page Name Kind of support Details Map Phone number
MB6-3Minshuku SakayaHiker's lunch menu (Shiokaze hatto soup, Shiokaze hatto set lunch)Lunches availabe Tues, Wed, Thurs 11:30 AM to 2:00 PM ※Subject to change, please contact in advance for prices and to make sure lunch is available0226-34-3520
MB6-3Minshuku NagisaStaying guests get free onigiri rice ball for lunch, free use of washing machine.Please let phone ring for awhile: they might not pick up right away.0226-32-3198
MB6-5Guest House UmikazeSpecial no meals plan for hikers (plan available for one room per night, 2,900 yen with futon quilt and mattress, make reservation at least two days in advance※. Contact via phone for details)Can use shower, toilets, kitchen, washing machine, electric outlets with this plan. Separate charge for bedding.0226-25-8698 / 080-5426-1342
MB6-6Guest House SLOW HOUSE@KesennumaWater, toilet, electric outlet,resting area0226-25-8131
MB6-5Ryokan KuroshioWater, toilet, free Oshima Island walking map0226-28-2125
MB6-8Pension Petit RokuTent camping (※)Please contact pension staff berfore use. Water, washing machine, showers (300 yen), bath (500 yen). 0226-31-5623
MB6-8, MB7-1Motoyoshi TaxiWater, toilet, shower, bath, nap room (available in night as well), chargeContact required by the day before0226-42-3110
MB7-1Kabutomushi Surf ShopTent camping (※)https://bit.ly/2Xsw87f0226-42-2983
MB page Name Kind of support Details Map Phone number
MB9-1Minamisanriku Manabi no Sato IriyadoWater, toilet, electric outlet, wifi, lunch service for staying guests (※)Extra fee for lunch, order in advance, and only available for guests departing 8 AM or later0225-94-2922
MB7-3Minamisanriku Yes factoryToilet
Please contact staff if you would like to use the restroom.0226-46-5153
MB page Name Kind of support Details Map Phone number
MB7-10, MB8-1ochakkoclub(Diamond Head)Water, toilet(When restrant opens),tent camping (contact in advance)090-9422-8248
MB page Name Kind of support Details Map Phone number
MAP7-6Karaage Kokkoya Water, toilet, electric outlet090-9207-1317
Restaurant and Minshuku MagakiWater, electric outlet, wifi, washing machine/dryer (300 yen). Please see details for use of any of the above.Please contact in advance (sometimes not on-site)090-8788-2965
MAP7-8MORIUMIUSWater, toilet, tent camping (contact in advance)0225-25-6506
MAP7-8Kuwahama Fisherman`s InnWater, toilet, same-day reservations OK (please phone beforehand), rides for staying guests to MCT route, tent camping (※)Please contact in advance, 500 yen, can use water and toilet080-1668-0476
MB7-9B&B m.s.s.booksWater, toilet, charge, Wi-Fi, luggage storage, tent camping(500yen), B&B Hiker Plan(2000yen)Contact in advance by Instagram or phone080-5025-0156
MAP7-9Namiita LabWater, toilet, electric outlets, wi-fi, laundry (with fee), tent camping(※), resting on-site until next day (with fee, see ※)Same-day reservations OK. Please contact in advance by phone or email. namiitatikukai@gmail.com0225-98-5145
MB9-1FUTABA INNSells gas canisters0225-94-2922
MB page Name Kind of support Details Map Phone number
MB9-3NOBICO Mill Nobiru StoreToilet0225-86-2535
MB9-3KIBOTCHATent campingContact in advance(not free)0225-25-7319
MB page Name Kind of support Details Map Phone number
MB9-5Pizzeria La GitaWater, toilet, electric outlet, Luggage/backpack storageLuggage/backpack storage is available from 7am to 5:30pm between Tuesday to Saturday, 7am to 2pm for Sunday. If you need this service, please contact them by the previous day. Monday is not available. *Please note that they may not be able to provide this service even on the days mentioned above due to a private matter.050-5487-3548
MB9-5Shiogama Guest House Minatomaru Hiker plan (※)https://minatomaru2018.com/trail-hiker-plan/022-703-3141
MB page Name Kind of support Details Map Phone number
MB9-5Matsushima Kamaboko Honpo Co. Tagajo Factory StoreWater (also ice), toilet022-766-8830
MB page Name Kind of support Details Map Phone number
MB9-6Seaside Park Center HouseWater, (ask staff for hot water), toilet022-288-4021
MB page Name Kind of support Details Map Phone number
MB10-2Iwanuma Sheep VillageWater, toilet, electric outlet (see details at right※)Please pay entrance fee (100 yen/person, elementary school age and older) to use080-4105-5538
MB10-2RakunomuraWater, toilet, charge, tent camping0223-22-1728
MB page Name Kind of support Details Map Phone number
MB10-3Aoi Tomato CafeWater, toilet0223-32-1556
MB10-3Nakasyo RyokanToilet0223-34-1224
MB10-4Green Up, Inc.Tent camping (※)Please make a reservation in advance by phone090-3124-1262
MB page Name Kind of support Details Map Phone number
MB10-5casano-vaToilet, Sells individual vegetables090-9743-8616
MB page Name Kind of support Details Map Phone number
MB10-7Bread Shop Bonheur Yasuhiro 66Water, toilet0244-62-2721
MB page Name Kind of support Details Map Phone number
MB10-8,10-9Funabashiya Sweets ShopWater, toilet0244-35-2784
MB10-9Soma Guest House "mawari"Water, toilet,rides for staying guests in area under detailsContact in advance,Rides for staying guests to Matsukawaura090-8192-8360
MB10-9Hotel MinatoyaOne complimentary drink with an overnight stay.0244-38-8115