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Google Map

The MCT route is available online as a Google Map. You can use the GPS function on your smartphone to compare the trail route with where you currently are. Smartphones are a convenient hiking tool, but we want you to fully enjoy your time on the Michinoku Coastal Trail. Please enjoy the beautiful scenery in front of you, and face to face interactions with the people you meet along the way.

GPS Data

You can also download the trail route in GPX file format (GPS data). Use any smartphone app you like that can use GPX files to check the trail route and your location.


  1. These files and this Google Map are not the official maps. The official Michinoku Coastal Trail maps are paper maps: the 28 section set of older maps which were previously issued by the Ministry of the Environment, and the new 10 section set of Hiking Map Books produced by Approved Specified Non-profit Organization Michinoku Trail Club. Please use the map data as a supplement to the official paper maps.
  2. The map data was created by a GIS software called “Chizu Taro.” You might see map display errors depending on what map software or app you use to import this data.
  3. The map data doesn’t include elevation information. Consider any distances given in the data to be an inexact estimate.
  4. Note that some map software or apps might not be able to use these file formats. Please use personal discretion to find the software and/or app that works for you.
  5. Be prepared for route changes and discrepancies between the map data and the trail course which can be caused by changes to the trail’s condition (detours from damage or construction work) or changes to the roads etc. from reconstruction. There are parts of the route right next to the ocean that are impassable during high tide or high waves and require taking a detour. For the information on what points require caution and the latest news about the trail route, please make sure to check both the official paper maps as well as the alerts section on the Michinoku Trail Club website (if the alerts are hard to search through, alert information is also displayed on the Google Map). You can also get relevant information from the Michinoku Trail Club Facebook account and from the satellite facilities along the trail. You can also consult with Michinoku Trail Club by phone or email.
  6. Please contact Michinoku Trail Club to ask about secondary use of this data.
    Phone: +81-22-398-6181 (Michinoku Coastal Trail Natori Trail Center)