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Michinoku Trail Club works to maintain, manage and promote usage of the Michinoku Coastal Trail in cooperation with a wide network including local governments and private groups from the 29 municipalities and four prefectures along the trail. Through the Michinoku Coastal Trail, we aim to support natural conservation and sustainable use, promote new personal connections between hikers and local people, help invigorate local communities and promote tourism.

We do this work thanks to the support of our members.

On June 9th, 2019, eight years after the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami, the full length of the Michinoku Coastal Trail leading along Tohoku’s Pacific coast was joined into one long course thanks to the efforts of countless people. After the trail fully opened, a new breath of fresh air was brought to Tohoku as hikers and local people, and local people in different areas along the trail course, started to meet and get to know one another.

“I’m glad I hiked the Michinoku Coastal Trail.” “I’m happy the Michinoku Coastal Trail goes through our town.”

We at Michinoku Trail Club will keep moving forward hand in hand with our supporting members so we can hear more and more reports like this.

Michinoku Trail Club is always looking for new Supporting Members (individuals and groups) to protect, develop and promote the Michinoku Coastal Trail along with us. Please join us!

Membership benefits

  • Supporting Members are sent a gift of original wooden membership “ornaments” inscribed with your membership number
  • Supporting members also receive a monthly email newsletter with the latest news about the Michinoku Coastal Trail and Michinoku Trail Club’s activities.

Membership fees

Individuals: 5000 yen/year  Groups: 10000 yen/year
※We will contact you after receiving your application on how to pay membership dues.

Becoming a member

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