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Michinoku Trail Club is always taking applications for volunteers (nicknamed “Green Members”) who can come and help make Natori Trail Center a fun and exciting place.
Here are some examples of what volunteers can do.

Examples of volunteer activities in the center

Greeting and guiding people about the center, easy office work, support during craft, lecture and other event activities, help cleaning the center

Examples of outside volunteer activities

Help during walking events, cleaning around the center and on center grounds
We want to make Natori Trail Center a local gathering spot, and we want to work towards that goal alongside fans of the Michinoku Coastal Trail and of Yuriage, Natori.
We’re looking for all levels of ability and any time commitment, even just a little, so if you’re interested please don’t hesitate to register with us!

Who can become a Green Member volunteer?

Anyone who is in either category 1 or 2 as shown below, and who also has the approval of our nonprofit’s Secretary-General.

  • Michinoku Trail Club members
  • People who live in Natori City and are interested in the Michinoku Coastal Trail