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New smoking site at Natori Trail Center campground

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Michinoku Coastal Trail Natori Trail Center has built a smoking site to help prevent second-hand smoking. Having separate smoking and non-smoking areas as a facility rule will help people from various backgrounds have a pleasant time here.

Michinoku Trail Club is working to keep the Michinoku Coastal Trail clean. Taking all garbage home is an important part of sustainably enjoying the natural beauty of our national parks that we want smokers to observe. In accordance to this, there is no ashtray at the smoking site. We ask smokers to please use pocket ashtrays and take their cigarette waste home. Thank you very much for your cooperation.

We used “Carbon Stock Furniture” for the smoking site’s bench and partition as part of MTC’s commitment to environmental causes.


Due to factors including a slump in domestic lumber and an increasing number of neglected forests, forest maintenance and the forestry cycle for planted forests is becoming a serious problem in many areas of Japan. Meanwhile, Natori City made a “Zero Carbon City” declaration in October 2021. We hope to make a small but real impact reducing CO₂ in the atmosphere by using this furniture, which was made from Japanese cedar grown in Natori City and stores about 685.44 kg of carbon dioxide.

※ This smoking site is a joint project between Michinoku Trail Club and Japan Tobacco.