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Detour in Kesennuma (Shishiori to Oshima area)

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The construction area has been changed. (Updated February 10, 2023)

There is a spot in Kesennuma in the Shishiori-Oshima area (on the way to/from Oshima Island) that is closed due to construction. Please take the new road instead. While you could go up onto the new road partway through, there is no crosswalk, so please be careful.

1. Relevant Maps
Ministry of the Environment trail map: North Kesennuma
Hiking Map Book: Map 6-4, 5, 6

2. Closure Location and Detour
Please see attached map

Kesennuma Industry Dept. Tourism Section 0226-34-3438

(Japanese post https://m-tc.org/news/attention/2233/)