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2/4~6イベント中止と2/5トークイベントオンライン配信のお知らせ / 2/4 to 2/6 “MCT coming to Tokyo” event cancelled, online event on 2/5

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 四角 友里氏(アウトドアスタイルクリエーター)
 高橋 庄太郎氏(山岳・アウトドアライター)
 土屋 智哉(Hikers Depot代表)
 渡邉 元嗣(環境省 東北地方環境事務所 自然保護官)

   1. 開会挨拶 
   2. 「みちのく潮風トレイルについて」 (15分)
   3. 第一部:クロストーク(80分)
   4. 第二部:質問コーナー(35分)
   5. 閉会挨拶

「みちのく潮風トレイル 名取トレイルセンター」YouTubeチャンネル

Due to the increasing number of coronavirus cases, “The Michinoku Coastal Trail is coming to Tokyo,” an in-person event planned for February 4th to February 6th at Mori Park Outdoor Village in Akishima, Tokyo has been cancelled.
We are very sorry to disappoint those of you who were looking forward to coming, but we thank you for your understanding.

The talk event planned for February 5th, “Let’s Walk the Michinoku Coastal Trail!” will now be held online. This means that not only those who applied to listen to this event in person, but anyone else interested who hasn’t signed up will be able to listen in as well. Enjoy a taste of what’s so wonderful about Michinoku Coastal Trail from the comfort of your home!

See details of the talk event below.

【Online talk event “Let’s Walk the Michinoku Coastal Trail!”】

◉ Date and time: Saturday, February 5th 2:00 PM to 4:30 PM

◉ Speakers:
 Ms. Yuri Yosumi (Outdoor style creator)
 Shotaro Takahashi (Mountain-climbing/outdoor writer)
 Tomoyoshi Tsuchiya(head of Hikers Depot)
 Mototsugu Watanabe(Ministry of the Environment Tohoku Regional Environment Office ranger)

◉ Schedule
   1. Opening remarks
   2. ”About the Michinoku Coastal Trail” (15 minutes)
   3. Part 1: Free talk (80 minutes)
     (With a 10 minute break)
   4. Part 2: Question time(35 minutes)
   5. Closing remarks

◉ Live Youtube channel (you can also watch the video later)
Michinoku Coastal Trail Natori Trail Center Youtube Channel