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こちら名取トレイルセンター仙台駅前出張所/Natori Trail Center is coming to Sendai Station

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◆会  場:エスパル仙台東館2階 青の葉デイリーマーケット脇 特設スペース  

◆内  容:
環境省レンジャー、名取トレイルセンタースタッフによる、「みちのく潮風トレイル」と「みちのく潮風トレイル 名取トレイルセンター」のご案内

資料の展示、映像の上映、チラシ等の配布を行います。会場でお配りする「抽選券」を、3月1日から5月31日までの間(毎週火曜日休館)にみちのく潮風トレイル 名取トレイルセンターにお持ちいただきますと、ハイキングマップブックやTシャツなどのオリジナルグッズが当たる抽選会を行います。買い物や通勤・通学のついでに会場へ是非お立ち寄りください。

◆主  催 :東北地方環境事務所

みちのく潮風トレイル 名取トレイルセンター (名取市閖上東3-12-1)

We are going to have a booth at S-PAL Sendai, the shopping center connected to Sendai Station, for three days from Friday, February 25 to Sunday, February 27th, so more people in Sendai can learn more about the Michinoku Coastal Trail.

◆ Date and time
Friday, February 25th 11:00 AM to 7:00 PM
Saturday, February 26th 11:00 AM to 7:00 PM
Sunday, February 27th 11:00 AM to 7:00 PM

◆ Venue
S-Pal Sendai, East Building 2nd floor, special event space next to Ao no Ha Daily Market
(1-1-1 Chuo Aoba-ku Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture) 
※Near the entrance point to Seijo Ishii connecting to Sendai Station east walkway

◆ Details
Ministry of the Environment rangers and Natori Trail Center staff will be at the booth to explain and give advice about the Michinoku Coastal Trail and Natori Trail Center.

There will be materials on display, videos to watch, and flyers etc. to take. We will be handing out raffle tickets, and if you take your ticket to Natori Trail Center between March 1 and May 31st, we’ll see if you won prizes like hiking map books and original MCT goods like t-shirts. Definitely come visit our booth if you’re passing through Sendai Station on your way to work, school, or to enjoy some shopping.

◆Held by: Tohoku Regional Environment Office

◆Event planning, management: NPO Michinoku Trail Club