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みちのく潮風トレイル体験会〜袖浜エリアルート開拓〜 / Michinoku Coastal Trail Event 〜 Sodehama Route 〜

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申込にあたり、こちらのページから「コロナ禍での受入、ガイドライン / 参加条件について」の内容を必ず確認の上、参加条件を満たしていることをお約束ください。

■日 程:2022年2月12日(土)
■時 間:9:00〜12:00
■集 合:南三陸町さんさん商店街 モアイ像前(宮城県本吉郡南三陸町志津川五日町201-5)
■対 象:小学生以上の健康な方
■定 員:10名
■料 金:¥1,000-(モニター価格/当日現金支払い)
■服 装:動きやすい服装と歩きやすい靴 *防寒・雪対策をしっかりお願いします!


 3/12 (土)まちなかルート~〜復興の今を知る~

Here’s some news about an upcoming event by Okinakura EELs, a group active in Ishinomaki, Tome and Minamisanriku.

For February, participants will walk in Sodehama, where Sun Ole Sodehama Swimming area is located.
This course is not actually part of the Michinoku Coastal Trail route, it’s a new route that the EELs guides have thought up inspired by the walking culture of the MCT.

Come enjoy this new walking route, give the guides your feedback, and in the future look forward to more new routes along the ocean!

*Thank you for your cooperation*
Before you apply, check the “guidelines for participation during the coronavirus pandemic/who can participate” (コロナ禍での受入、ガイドライン / 参加条件について) link from this page. You can apply only if you can promise to follow the rules and if none of the listed health and other conditions apply to you.

■ Date: Saturday, February 12, 2022
■ Time: 9:00 AM to 12:00 noon
■ Meeting place: Minamisanriku San San Shopping District, in front of the moai statue (201-5 Itsukamachi, Shizugawa, Minamisanriku Town, Motoyoshi, Miyagi Prefecture)
■ Who can join: Elementary schoolers to adults, people healthy enough to walk the course
■ # participants: 10 people
■ Cost: 1000 yen (special discount price, paid in cash on the day of)
■ What to wear: clothes and shoes suitable for walking * Make sure to dress warmly! Clothing should be suitable for cold/snow.
■ What to bring: a hat, a drink, participation fee, health insurance card
■ Other notes: if the event is canceled due to rough weather or other reasons, participants will normally be contacted via email or phone by 6:00 pm of the day before the event.
■ How to apply
Please apply from the following site (Japanese)
The application form needs to be filled out for each individual participant.

++Please note the following++

The application form needs to be filled out for each person. (You cannot apply once for a group of people.)
If you’re coming in a group and say so in your application, one representative of your group will be contacted to confirm event reservation. See other details on this page (Japanese).

■ Upcoming events
 Saturday, March 12th Town route