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ハイカーと一緒に歩く 親子でみちのく潮風トレイル体験/Parent-child Michinoku Coastal Trail Walk with Hikers

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NPO法人日本ビーチ文化振興協会 担当:清田真珠美
〒104-0033 東京都中央区新川1-1-7-3F TEL:03-3552-1171 E-mail:info@jbeach.jp

主催 NPO法人日本ビーチ文化振興協会
協力 NPO法人みちのくトレイルクラブ、一般社団法人トレイルブレイズハイキング研究所、北奥羽自然史研究所

The application deadline has been extended to Thursday, October 11th.

In this event parents and children can walk on a beginner level Michinoku Coastal Trail course along with an experienced hiker. Get your fill of the rich nature of this national park and of the lovely Sanriku coastline!
On the first day, participants will hike about 10 kilometers of the trail course in Hirono, and the second day hike about more 13 kilometers in Hashikami (including Mt. Hashikamidake). There will also be star gazing on the first night.
Come enjoy the Michinoku Coastal Trail as a family!

■ Dates
October 16th (Saturday) to October 17th (Sunday). Two days, one night. ※In case of rough weather, the backup schedule is Saturday, October 23rd to Sunday, October 24th.
■ Location
Hirono Town, Iwate and Hashikami Town, Aomori
■ # participants
10 parent-child groups, 20 people
■ Who can join
People who can hike easier mountain courses, parent-child groups with children elementary school age and older
■ Application period
Until Thursday, October 11th, 2021 (applications will close when participant limit is reached)
■ Cost
※The event host will cover the cost of lodging, food and bus fees during the tour. Participants will need to pay for transportation to the initial gathering place.
※Details, including what participants need to bring/wear, are on the official website (Japanese).
■ How to apply
Fill out the application form on the back of the flyer and submit it to the Association for Beach Life Japan by email or fax
■ Inquiries
NPO Association for Beach Life Japan Contact: Mayumi Kiyota
1-7-7 3F Shinkawa Chou City, Tokyo 104-0033 TEL:03-3552-1171 E-mail:info@jbeach.jp

Held by the Association for Beach Life Japan
With the cooperation of NPO Michinoku Trail Club, Trail Blaze Hiking Lab, and Kitaou Natural History Institute