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みちのく潮風トレイルクリーン活動(福島県内1か所)/Michinoku Coastal Trail Clean Up (Fukushima, one location)

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English follows Japanese.
第一生命保険株式会社 福島支社 相双営業オフィス 様が主催してくださる、みちのく潮風トレイルクリーン活動が行われます。


開催日時:2021年10月30日(土)10:00~12:00 ※雨のため10/16(土)から延期になりました。
駐車場 :同上
持ち物 :動きやすい服装・靴、飲み物、子供用軍手
      ※大人用軍手、トング、ゴミ袋は主催者(第一生命保険株式会社 福島支社 相双営業オフィス 様)で準備してくださいます。
保  険:清掃活動中の事故によるケガ等に備え、原則全員レクリエーション保険にご加入いただきます。(費用は主催者で負担してくださいます。)
申込み先:相双営業オフィス 050-3782-0730(平日10:00~17:00)


Dai-ichi Life Insurance Company Fukushima Branch’s Soso Office is holding a Michinoku Coastal Trail Clean Up event in Fukushima Prefecture. Dai-ichi Life is taking applications for volunteers to help clean up (pick up litter), so please apply to the Soso Office if you’re interested!

Cleanup in Soma

Date and time: Saturday, October 30, 2021, 10:00 AM to 12:00 noon
Place to clean up: Volunteers will clean and walk the following course: Soma Nakamura-jinja Shrine → front of Senkyaku Banrai-kan → Torikyu Meat Shop → Mizukoshi Eye Clinic → along Uda River and up to National Route 6, then returning to gathering place to end the event.
Gathering place: Soma Nakamura-jinja Shrine parking lot (west side of Yamaha Music School Soma Center Oasis)
Parking lot: Same as gathering place above
What to bring: Clothes and shoes suitable for moving around, a drink, children’s work gloves if children are participating
※ The event host (Dai-ichi Life Insurance Company Fukushima Branch Soso Office) will prepare adult working gloves, tongs and garbage bags
Insurance: Every participant will be entered into recreation insurance in case of an accident or injury during the event. (The event host will pay the insurance fees)
Volunteer applications to: Soso Office 050-3782-0730 (weekdays between 10 AM and 5:00 PM)

Please note this event could be postponed or cancelled depending on the coronavirus situation.