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”防潮堤を花の砂丘に!”花のかけはしプロジェクトVol.19 in 名取閖上/From seawall to sand dune with flowers! “Hana no Kakehashi Project Vol.19 in Yuriage, Natori”

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English follows Japanese.
震災後、北の里浜花のかけはしネットワークさんが名取市閖上浜で続けてきた海岸再生のプロジェクト。今回は、みちのく潮風トレイル 名取トレイルセンターに新たに作る「海浜植物の砂浜花壇」にも海浜植物の苗を植えることになりました。

震災後、よみがえりつつある「ふるさとの海浜植物」に心をよせ、復旧工事跡地の生態系再生を支援する ・・・・・ 「海辺と人のきずな」をはぐくむ 、里浜復興活動をともに 。

[集合場所]名取トレイルセンター https://www.mct-natori-tc.jp/
植栽場所(午前):名取市閖上浜 https://goo.gl/maps/PDa9GUKVnNCmEXb47
植栽場所(午後):名取トレイルセンター https://goo.gl/maps/L7rkhq22MnorQPtZA
9:30~9:45 イントロダクション
10:00~12:00 植栽活動①:閖上浜
12:15~13:00 昼食(会場:名取トレイルセンター講義室)
 ※ 朝、お弁当の注文(有料)も受け付けます。
13:00~14:30 植栽活動②:名取トレイルセンター屋外海側
NPO法人みちのくトレイルクラブ(みちのく潮風トレイル 名取トレイルセンター内、火曜定休) 
[主催]NPO法人 名取ハマボウフウの会 http://hamabouhuu.info/
    NPO法人みちのくトレイルクラブ https://m-tc.org/
    北の里浜花のかけはしネットワーク https://hamahirugao.jimdofree.com/
[助成]地球環境基金 https://www.erca.go.jp/jfge/
[協力]KDDI 表示を縮小

After the 2011 tsunami, the Kita no Satohama Hana no Kakehashi Network has been working to restore Yuriage Beach in Natori. And now, there will be a new raised sand bed to grow coastal plants at Natori Trail Center! In this event, you can help us plant coastal plants in Natori Trail Center’s raised bed and at Yuriage Beach!

Kita no Satohama Hana no Kakehashi Network has focused its work on restoring coastal plants here, supporting ecosystem regeneration in reconstructed areas.

Anticipating that the sea walls will eventually be covered by sand and become sand dunes,
Kita no Satohama Hana no Kakehashi Network has been planting on the sea walls themselves having fun spending time with local people and sharing an activity that will benefit the future.

This time around, this event is taking a smaller number of participants with no student representatives from Ishikari Middle School in Hokkaido for coronavirus safety reasons.

For seven years, as a way to support areas that had been struck by the 2011 disaster, Ishikari Middle School has been raising coastal plant seedlings using seeds from Miyagi. Every year since 2015, when the students started raising the seedlings, a representative from the student body would come to Yuriage Beach in Natori and plant the seedlings along with local people including Yuriage Middle School students and the Natori Beach Silvertop Society. Last year, five third year students came to Natori with the seedlings they’d raised so carefully and planted them alongside local residents while daydreaming of a beach covered in blooms.

[Date and time]Sunday, October 2021 9:30 AM to 2:30 PM (joining just for morning session or just for afternoon session OK)
[Gathering spot]Natori Trail Center https://www.mct-natori-tc.jp/
Planting location (morning session): Yuriage Beach, Natori City https://goo.gl/maps/PDa9GUKVnNCmEXb47
Planting location (afternoon session): Natori Trail Center https://goo.gl/maps/L7rkhq22MnorQPtZA
[# participants]20 people
[What to wear/bring]
・There’s no shade along this part of the coast, so be prepared for lots direct sunlight and possibly getting hot.
・Please try to wear shoes that don’t slip easily for going up and down the concrete seawall.
・Bring a drink so you can stay hydrated.
・This event won’t be canceled for light rain, so please bring raingear if the weather forecast predicts rain.

9:30 to 9:45 Introduction
・General remarks and explanation of the day’s activity
(We will move to the planting location after remarks have finished)
10:00 to 12:00 Planting session ①: Yuriage Beach
・Simple assessment of spots where planting already took place last year
・Planting coastal plants (in 55 openings on the sea wall)
・Gathering seeds from coastal plants
12:15 to 13:00 PM Eat lunch (inside Natori Trail Center lecture room)
 ※ We will take orders for those who want to purchase a bento lunch in the morning
13:00 to 14:30 Planting session ②: Natori Trail Center grounds, side facing the ocean
[Applications, inquiries]
 Please give the name of the event you want to join (this event) along with your name, age, city/town of residence, and phone number, or the same information for each person if applying as a group. You can apply to the following via email, phone or fax.
We will stop taking more applications as soon as all spots fill up.

NPO Michinoku Trail Club (inside Michinoku Coastal Trail Natori Trail Center, closed Tuesdays) 
  E-mail: info@m-tc.org
[Held by]NPO Natori Beach Silvertop Society http://hamabouhuu.info/
    NPO Michinoku Trail Club https://m-tc.org/
    Kita no Satohama Hana no Kakehashi Network https://hamahirugao.jimdofree.com/
[Funded by]Japan Fund for Global Environment https://www.erca.go.jp/jfge/
[With the cooperation of]KDDI