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みちのく潮風トレイルを歩いて国立公園を楽しもう!海の美術館 メッセージアート展/Hike the Michinoku Coastal Trail and Enjoy National Parks! Art Gallery at the Ocean: T-shirt Art Exhibit

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 この度、「東北太平洋沿岸と自然と共に歩む復興の考え方」「自然と人、人と人をつなぐ道」として4県28市町村をつなぐ『みちのく潮風トレイル(環境省)』が全線開通したことに感銘を受け、この経緯を全国に波及するために『みちのく潮風トレイル』を通してビーチを活かし、人々が緩やかに楽しむための『海の美術館 メッセージアート展』を開催することとなりました。

NPO法人日本ビーチ文化振興協会 海辺環境事業


 A 海・海辺の環境メッセージ
 B 海・海辺での思い出
 C 海・海辺の生き物
 D 復興への想い・ご地元自慢 等
作品1点 3,000円(Tシャツ製作費、送料、その他経費含む)



南部もぐりの歴史を学ぶ体験 ※中止が決定されました。(2021年8月26日)

主催 NPO法人日本ビーチ文化振興協会
後援(予定) 環境省、観光庁、岩手県洋野町、洋野町観光協会、青森県階上町
協力 NPO法人みちのくトレイルクラブ、一般社団法人トレイルブレイズハイキング研究所、東京コミュニケーションアート専門学校、NPO砂浜美術館、岩手県立種市高等学校、ビーサン協会

The application deadline has been extended to September 24th.

About the T-shirt Art Exhibit

  This event uses art to build awareness of environmental issues and empower everyone to support our beautiful beaches, so that the beach and ocean surrounding our island country won’t have to suffer further harm.
 We were moved when the Michinoku Coastal Trail fully opened: a trail based on the idea of “reconstruction by walking alongside the nature of the Tohoku Pacific coast,” and a path that “connects people and nature, and people with each other. To spread the word throughout the country, we are holding the “Art Gallery at the Ocean: T-shirt Art Exhibit” using the beach as a venue.

Illustrations, pictures, written word and more–about the beach, the ocean, the environment, and recovery from disaster will be printed on t-shirts and all of our messages will be transmitted to the world through art.
“This is our seaside, let’s nurture it ourselves”

Project by NPO Association for Beach Life Japan

■ Venue
Taneichi Seaside Park Campground Swimming Beach (Hirono, Iwate)
■ Exhibit dates
Saturday, October 16th to Sunday, October 17th, 2021 ※In case of rough weather, the backup schedule is Saturday, October 23 and Sunday, October 24.

Applications are now open for t-shirt art submissions for the in-person exhibit and for the website.
Choose one of the following themes, make a picture (or use a photo) about that theme, and then submit it via either email or post to the Association for Beach Life Japan.
 A Messages about the environment and the ocean/beach
 B Memories of the ocean/beach
 C Creatures of the ocean/beach
 D Recovery from disaster/local pride, etc.
■ Cost for application
3000 yen per design (including fee for printing the t-shirt and sending it to you, other costs)
■ How to submit your design
Make a submission via email here
■ Submissions until
Friday, September 24th, 2021

See other details (Japanese) on this page

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Held by the Association for Beach Life Japan
With support (planned) from the Ministry of the Environment, Japan Tourism Agency, Hirono Town, Hirono Tourism Association, Hashikami Town
With the cooperation of NPO Michinoku Trail Club, Trail Blaze Hiking Lab, Tokyo Communication Arts, NPO Seaside Gallery, Iwate Prefectural Taneichi High School, Beach Sandals Flying-game Association