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みちのく潮風トレイルクリーン活動(岩手県内4か所)/Michinoku Coastal Trail Clean Up (Iwate, four locations)

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English follows Japanese.
詳細は各エリア 営業オフィスまでご連絡願います。 延期の場合は10月9日(土)の開催を検討しております。

第一生命保険株式会社 盛岡支社 様が主催してくださる、みちのく潮風トレイルクリーン活動が行われます。


持ち物 :動きやすい服装・靴、飲み物
      ※軍手とゴミ袋は主催者(第一生命保険株式会社 盛岡支社 様)で準備してくださいます。
保  険:清掃活動中の事故によるケガ等に備え、原則全員レクリエーション保険にご加入いただきます。(費用は主催者で負担してくださいます。)



駐車場 :同上
申込み先:久慈営業オフィス 050-3782-0812 (平日10:00~17:00)


駐車場 :赤前運動公園駐車場
申込み先:宮古営業オフィス 050-3782-0802 (平日10:00~17:00)


駐車場 :同上
申込み先:釜石営業オフィス 050-3782-0804 (平日10:00~17:00)


駐車場 :リアスホール 第2駐車場
申込み先:大船渡営業オフィス 050-3782-0808 (平日10:00~17:00)

This event might be postponed depending on the course of Typhoon 16 (Typhoon Mindulle).
For details and updates, please contact the office in charge of your event. If the clean up gets postponed, it may be held on Saturday, October 9th instead. (As of September 28th, 2021)

Dai-ichi Life Insurance Company Morioka Branch Office is holding a Michinoku Coastal Trail Clean Up event! This clean up will take place on the same day in four locations inside Iwate Prefecture. Dai-ichi Life is taking applications for volunteers to help clean up (pick up litter), so please apply to the relevant office if you’re interested!

Shared details for all event locations

Date and time: Saturday, October 2, 2021, starting at 10:00 AM
What to bring: Clothes and shoes suitable for moving around, a drink
※ The event host (Dai-ichi Life Insurance Company Morioka Branch) will prepare working gloves and garbage bags
Insurance: Every participant will be entered into recreation insurance in case of an accident or injury during the event. (The event host will pay the insurance fees)

Along with the text below, you can also check the flyer for a list of event locations (Japanese).
Please note this event could be postponed or cancelled depending on the coronavirus situation.

Kuji area

Place to clean up: Kosode Coast, Kuji
Gathering place: Across from Kuji City Fishing Coop Ojiri Branchい
Parking lot: See gathering place
Applications to: Kuji office, 050-3782-0812 (weekdays between 10 AM and 5:00 PM)

Miyako area

Place to clean up: Beach across from Miyako City Akamae Sports Park
Gathering place: Entrance to Akamae Sports Park Baseball Ground
Parking lot: Akamae Sports Park parking lot
Applications to: Miyako office, 050-3782-0802 (weekdays between 10 AM and 5:00 PM)

Kamaishi area

Place to clean up: Around Odaira Cemetery Park, Kamaishi
Gathering place: Kamaishi Iron and Steel Museum Parking Lot
Parking lot: See gathering place
Applications to: Kamaishi office, 050-3782-0804 (weekdays between 10 AM and 5:00 PM)

Ofunato area

Place to clean up: Akasaki area, Ofunato
Gathering place: Rias Hall
Parking lot: Rias Hall Parking Lot 2
Applications to: Ofunato office, 050-3782-0808 (weekdays between 10 AM and 5:00 PM)