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みちのく潮風トレイルで碁石海岸周辺で体験ハイク&環境整備活動/Michinoku Coastal Trail Goishi Coast Hike and Cleanup

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English follows Japanese.


令和3年(2021年)9月2日(木) ※雨天やコロナの状況によっては中止の場合があります。
14:30 碁石海岸インフォメーションセンター集合
14:40 赤土倉漁港へ移動(車)
14:55 ハイキング開始、途中で環境整備活動
16:30 碁石海岸インフォメーションセンター到着、解散
碁石海岸インフォメーションセンター(岩手県大船渡市末崎町大浜) 集合・解散
無料 ※主催者で傷害保険に加入します。
TEL:0192-22-9814   FAX:0192-27-4197  E-mail:BG0002@pref.iwate.jp
※申込期間は、令和3年8月2日(月)~8月20 日(金)


In this event, participants will walk along about two kilometers of the Michinoku Coastal Trail route, from Akadokura Fishing Harbor to Goishi Coast Information Center, along the way tidying up longer grasses/weeds and garbage along the trail route and in Ohama Beach.

■ Schedule
Thursday, September 2nd ※ This event may be cancelled in the case of rain or changes in coronavirus situation
14:30 Gather at Goishi Coast Information Center
14:40 Move to Akadokura Fishing Harbor (car)
14:55 Hiking start, cleaning/tidying trail along the way
16:30 Arrive at Goishi Coast Information Center, event ends at cente
■ Meeting/ending spot
Goishi Coast Information Center (Ohama Massaki-cho, Ofunato City, Iwate Prefecture)
■ Cost
Free. ※Event host will cover participants with accident insurance free of charge
■ What to bring
Shoes, clothes suitable for walking, supplies needed for volunteering (work gloves and garbage bags), a drink
※ Event host will bring sickles for grass cutting
■ Host
Iwate Prefecture
■ How to apply
Please apply to Ofunato Health, Welfare and Environment Center (Environmental Health Division), giving your name, city/town of residence, and phone number.
TEL:0192-22-9814   FAX:0192-27-4197  E-mail:BG0002@pref.iwate.jp
※ Applications will be open Monday, August 2nd to Friday, August 20.

For other details, please see the event page by Iwate Prefecture (Japanese)