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重茂地区トレッキング/Omoe area hiking

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English follows Japanese. This event has reached its limit of participants. Thank you for your interest!



岩手県在住者の健脚者 20名(5時間以上、8キロ以上歩行可能な方)
浄土ヶ浜ビジターセンター TEL:0193-65-1690


This event has reached its limit of participants. Thank you for your interest!

Participants will hike the Michinoku Coastal Trail from in front of former Uiso Elementary school to in front of Omoe Gyokyo-mae bus stop.
This section is relatively easy to walk and has fewer ups and downs compared to most of the Michinoku Coastal Trail course in Miyako.

■ Date and time: Saturday March 27th, 2021, 9:00 AM to 4:30 PM
※If the weather is bad this day, the event will be held the next day, with reception starting at 8:45 AM
■ Gathering spot: Jodogahama Visitor Center (32-69 Hitachihamamachi, Miyako City, Iwate Prefecture)
■ Who can join: Iwate residents who can walk for over five hours, 8 kilometers.
■ # participants: 20 people
■ Cost: Free
■ What to bring: Lunch, a drink, shoes and clothes suitable for walking, a bag or backpack, a hat, gloves, rainwear, a towel, a mask, etc.
■ How to apply: Please apply to Jodogahama Visitor Center directly at the center or via phone. The application period is from Monday, March 15th to Friday, March 26th
Jodogahama Visitor Center, tel: 0193-65-1690