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宮古市区間の迂回路について/Detour information in Miyako

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以前から注意情報に掲載しておりましたとおり、宮古市区間 田老地域において、道路災害復旧工事により通行できない箇所があります。

1 該当マップ
Hiking Map Book:MAP 3-1, 3-2

2 通行止め区間及び迂回路

3 迂回が必要な期間(工事期間)

4 問合せ先
浄土ヶ浜ビジターセンター 0193-65-1690


The construction period has been extended as of October 12, 2020.

The following road in the Taro area of Miyako is partially closed due to construction.
Please see the link below and take the detour route when walking in this area.

1. Relevant maps
Ministry of the Environment trail map: South Iwazumi to North Miyako, North to Central Miyako
Hiking Map Book: MAP 3-1, 3-2

2 . Closure location and detour: the Taro area of Miyako in Iwate Prefecture, as shown on the detour map

3 .  Period of closure (construction period)
Until the end of March 2021

4 . Inquiries
Jodogahama Visitor Center  (0193-65-1690)