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名取トレイルセンター臨時休館延長のお知らせ/Natori Trail Center’s temporary closure has been extended

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それに伴い、名取市内にある多くの公共施設も臨時休館の延長が決定されており、当法人が管理運営する「みちのく潮風トレイル 名取トレイルセンター」(3月31日から臨時休館中)も、感染拡大防止の観点から5月5日(水)まで臨時休館を延長することになりました。




Miyagi Prefecture’s independent state of emergency due to the increase in COVID-19 cases has been extended until May 5th. As a result, many public facilities in Natori have extended their temporary closures to May 5th. Since it is also a public facility within Natori, Michinoku Coastal Trail Natori Trail Center, which our nonprofit manages, has also been closed since March 31st. We are very sorry to report that Natori Trail Center’s temporarily closure has now been extended until Wednesday, May 5th as a precaution to prevent further spread.

We are very sorry and disappointed that we won’t be able to welcome you into the center during this period of time, which includes the Golden Week holiday, but we ask for your understanding.

Even though the trail center is closed to visitors, staff members will still be on-site and able to answer your questions via phone or email between 9 AM and 5:00 PM, so please feel free to contact us.

It’s April now, and we have been happy to hear reports of hikers coming to the trail and making plans for the upcoming Golden Week Holiday.
We continue to ask you, our hikers, for your cooperation: when you hike the Michinoku Coastal Trail, please have a fun, safe and considerate journey, and make sure to protect yourself and others.