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釜石市(水海公園周辺)の歩行注意 / Caution in Kamaishi (near Mizuumi Park)

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English follows Japanese.

1 該当マップ
Hiking Map Book:MAP 4-8

2 注意区間(工事区間)

3 注意期間(工事期間)

4 問合せ先
釜石市商業観光課 0193-27-8421
大船渡自然保護官事務所 0192-29-2759

Reconstruction work is taking place on the forestry road south of Mizuumi Park in Kamaishi. Hikers can still walk through this area as normal, but there will be construction vehicles passing through because of the work being done, so please be careful.

1 Relevant maps
Ministry of the Environment trail map: Kamaishi
Hiking Map Book: MAP 4-8

2 Area
As shown in map

3 Construction period
Planned to last until the end of December 2021

4 Inquiries
Kamaishi City Business and Tourism Division 0193-27-8421
Ofunato Ranger’s Office 0192-29-2759