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長雨に伴う歩行注意について/Careful hiking during long rainy spell

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As of August 12, a stationary rain front is stretching across Japan from west to east. The weather reports say that this front will cause about a week to ten days of rainy, cloudy weather.

Many parts of the Michinoku Coastal Trail go through natural areas. A typhoon passing through can cause many landslides and collapsed spots on slopes next to roads or on the roads themselves. It’s possible that this long rainy period will also cause (or is already causing) landslides and collapsed spots.

It is highly likely that there are or will be collapsed spots on the trail course during this rainy period and in the days after. If you hike during this period, please careful and prepare for this possibility.

The above picture is an example of road collapse taken in 2019 after Typhoon 19 (Typhoon Hagibis).