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石巻市区間の歩行注意について/Caution in Ishinomaki

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1 該当マップ
Hiking Map Book:MAP 8-7

2 空中薬剤散布実施区域

3 注意が必要な期間(散布日時)

4 使用薬剤

5 空中薬剤散布に関する問合せ先
石巻市農林課 0225-95-1111(内線3557)
宮城県東部地方振興事務所林業振興部林業振興班 0225-95-1436

Spraying insecticide for pine weevils via helicopter is going to take place in Tashirojima Island, Ishinomaki. Please don’t enter the area where spraying is going to take place on June 16th during the time period listed below.

  1. Relevant map
    Ministry of the Environment trail map: Ishinomaki South Oshika Peninsula Section
  2. Hiking Map Book:MAP 8-7
  3. Area to be sprayed with insecticide via helicopter
    As shown on attached map
  4. Period of time caution is needed (date and time for spraying)
    4:45 AM to 9:30 AM on Wednesday, June 16th
    Please don’t enter the area that will be sprayed during this time.

    ※ Depending on the weather, the insecticide spraying might take place at another time on the same day or be postponed.

  5. Insecticide that will be used
    Sumipine MC
  6. Inquiries about the insecticide spraying
    Ishinomaki City Agriculture and Forestry Division, Tel. 0225-95-1111(ext. 3557)
    Miyagi Prefecture Tobu Regional Promotion Office Forestry Promotion Division Forestry Promotion Team Tel. 0225-95-1436