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女川町区間のシカ駆除について/Deer hunting in Onagawa

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English follows Japanese.

1 該当マップ
Hiking Map Book:MAP 7-10、8-1

2 注意点
■ 早朝からの行動は避ける。
■ 明るく目立つ服装をする。
■ 熊鈴やラジオを携行し人が居ることを知らせる。
■ 銃声の聞こえる方へは近づかない。

3 実施区域
女川町 詳細はこちら

4 実施日程

5 問合せ先
女川町産業振興課農林係 0225-54-3131

Deer hunting for population control using firearms is going to take place throughout Onagawa. Please be careful when you pass through Onagawa.

1. Relevant maps
Ministry of the Environment trail map: Onagawa section
Hiking Map Book:MAP 7-10、8-1

2. Staying safe:
■ Avoid hiking in the early morning.
■ Wear bright, highly visible clothing.
■ Let people know a human is walking by with bear bells, radios, etc.
■ Do not move towards places where you hear gunfire.

3. Areas:
Onagawa Town. See details here

4. Schedule:
Multiple dates ending May 30th, 2021 (please see the PDF for details)
Hunting takes place between sunrise and sunset.

5. Inquiries:
Onagawa Industry Development Section, Tel: 0225-54-3131