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石巻市区間のシカ駆除について/Deer hunting in Ishinomaki

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English follows Japanese.

1 該当マップ
Hiking Map Book:MAP 7-5~7-9
Hiking Map Book:MAP 8-2~8-4

2 注意点
■ 早朝からの行動は避ける。
■ 明るく目立つ服装をする。
■ 熊鈴やラジオを携行し人が居ることを知らせる。
■ 銃声の聞こえる方へは近づかない。

3 実施区域
①石巻市北上・河北・雄勝地区 詳細はこちら
②石巻市牡鹿半島全域 詳細はこちら

4 実施日程

5 問合せ先
石巻市観光課 0225-95-1111(内線3538)

Deer hunting for population control using firearms is going to take place in ① Kitakami, Kahoku, Ogatsu and ② Oshika Peninsula (the entire peninsula), Ishinomaki. Please be careful when you pass through these sections.

1. Relevant maps
① For the Kitakami, Kahoku, Ogatsu area
Ministry of the Environment trail map: Ishinomaki (Kitakami, Kahoku, Ogatsu) section
Hiking Map Book:MAP 7-5~7-9
② For the Oshika Peninsula (entire peninsula)
Ministry of the Environment trail map: North Oshika, South Oshika sections
Hiking Map Book:MAP 8-2~8-4

2. Staying safe:
■ Avoid hiking in the early morning.
■ Wear bright, highly visible clothing.
■ Let people know a human is walking by with bear bells, radios, etc.
■ Do not move towards places where you hear gunfire.

3. Areas:
① For Ishinomaki City (Kitakami, Kahoku, Ogatsu)  see details here
② For Oshika Peninsula (entire peninsula) see details here

4. Schedule:
Multiple dates ending on October 23rd, 2021 (please see the PDFs for details)
Hunting takes place between sunrise and sunset.

5. Inquiries:
Ishinomaki City Tourism Division, Tel: 0225-95-1111 (ext. 3538)