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大槌町区間の迂回路について/Detour information in Otsuchi

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1 該当マップ
Hiking Map Book:MAP 4-4, 4-5

2 通行止め・注意が必要な区間

3 迂回・注意が必要な期間(工事期間)

4 問合せ先
(一社)大槌町観光交流協会 0193-42-5121

Some closures have been lifted: ①, ②-B, ③ (January 13th, 2021)

The Otsuchi section of the Michinoku Coastal Trail has a closed spot due to construction. Please use the detour when you walk this section, and be careful as there are a lot of construction vehicles.
There will continue to be larger-scale construction within the Otsuchi section, and in some cases newly built roads won’t be shown on the most recently updated trail maps. In some cases, we will change the trail route, but since it will be difficult to update the trail map very frequently, please be flexible with changes while you hike this route.
Make sure to check notices from the official website, and stay safe during your hike by following instructions from staff and posted signs.

1 . Relevant maps
Ministry of the Environment trail map: Otsuchi
Hiking Map Book: MAP 4-4, 4-5

2. Closed areas
As shown on the map (detour information also shown)
(②-A is a closure with detour, ④ is proceed with caution)

3. Construction periods (how long to use detour/proceed with caution) ②-A: until the end of 2020 fiscal year.
④ For the time being.

4. Inquiries
Otsuchi Tourism Exchange Association (0193-42-5121)