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山田町区間の迂回路について/Detour information in Yamada

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1 該当マップ
Hiking Map Book:MAP 3-10, 4-3

2 通行止め区間及び迂回路

3 問合せ先
浄土ヶ浜ビジターセンター 0193-65-1690

① Part of the construction here has finished, so the detour has been shortened (see map, updated May 19, 2021)
② The construction between Kyu-Tabunokiso and Aragami Swimming Beach has finished, so the detour has been shortened. Please use the shorter detour around Funakoshi Fishing Harbor, which is still under construction. (see map updated July 30th, 2021)

There are two closed spots in Yamada: ① in the Osawa area, ② in the Funakoshi area. Please use the detours shown below instead for the time being.

1 . Relevant maps
Ministry of the Environment trail map: Yamada
Hiking Map Book: Map 3-10, 4-3

2. Closure location and detours
① Osawa area: as shown on map ①
② Funakoshi area: as shown on map ②

3. Inquiries
Jodogahama Visitor Center, 0193-65-1690