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宮古市区間の迂回路について/Detour information in Miyako

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宮古市区間 ①田老地域、②金浜・津軽石地域、③重茂地域において、工事等により通行できない箇所があるため、当面は迂回路を通行してください。

1 該当マップ
Hiking Map Book:MAP 3-2

2 通行止め区間及び迂回路
②金浜・津軽石地域 ※解除
③重茂地域 ※解除

3 問合せ先
トレイルについて:浄土ヶ浜ビジターセンター 0193-65-1690
工事について:宮古市都市整備部建設課 0193-62-2111

Update: closure ② and ③ below has been lifted.

There are closed areas in the following areas in Miyako due to construction: ① the Taro area ② the Kanehama/Tsugaruishi area, and ③ the Omoe area. Please use the following detours for the time being, while these closures are in effect.

1 . Relevant maps
Ministry of the Environment trail maps: North to Central Miyako, South Miyako
Hiking Map Book: MAP 3-2

2. Location
① Taro area: see map ①
② Kanehama/Tsugaruishi area. (This closure has been lifted)
③ Omoe area.(This closure has been lifted)

3. Inquiries:
About the trail: Jodogahama Visitor Center (0193-65-1690)
About the construction: Miyako City Urban Development Department Construction Division (0193-62-2111)